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Entry for July 17, 2008

Do you see your own ego in your morning (or afternoon if your one of the night owls like me) cup of coffee?
This morning I had fresh juice which wasn’t so fresh because I haven’t cleaned the juicer enough. It tasted like carrot wine with apple juice. But, I had to pay some bills and after I finished my juice I sat down with my cup of coffee which has become routine for me.
Then I realized how I was worshiping my sense of authority with this cup of coffee. I need to be in charge and even if that gets in the way of doing other things it doesn’t matter.

I don’t know, maybe I was just glimpsing a future where I drink my fresh juice, take my prescriptions, vitamins and get on my way. It would be great if I had a job and I did things that way, but usually by the time I get the coffee brewed, etc., I’m stuck in front of the TV watching a ball game or something. This morning is a little different because I put on my Gurumayi. I have a Mere Baba Muktananda tape. Siddha Yoga insiders will understand that. I’m just saying that’s the tape I put on this morning (afternoon).

And I was surprised at my bills. I bought a dishwasher that I wasn’t supposed to have to pay for for a year and already they want $10.

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