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Entry for July 19, 2008

I was just watching Wal-Mart, the high cost of low price.

What greedy, slimy sons of bitches. I loved where the employees gave 5 million dollars to help out fellow employees but the Execs gave 6,000. Amazingly callous bullshit. It’s a wonder there are no terrorist acts against them. I’m thinking like environmental terrorists, whether you believe the acts to be terror or not they are often violent and sometimes dangerous to human life like the burning down of a ski lodge out west that I read about a few years ago. Apparently the same group is at work on Long Island, the Earth Liberation Front.

I’ve told you how I applied to Wal-Mart and failed a test required for hiring. I wonder if it was the question about what I would do if an employee known to be unsafe offered to do something for a customer. Should I go to the boss? Or should I go along and help the employee with the customer, offering to do the things that had safety rules myself?

Weird little test.

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