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Entry for July 19, 2008

Yanks won on a hit batter in extra innings.

Don’t you think Hillary would give Obama a victory in November?
I do.

My transmission cost a little over $1600. Billy took me to pick up the car. He wanted to update his Garmin Golf Logix but we couldn’t. The tech man thinks it is a problem with the cord.

Billy has these recordings of the Bible by a Rev. McGee. He had one playing while we went over to pick up the car at Bobby’s Transmission in Keystone Heights, about 7 miles from here.

McGee is pretty strict. He believes in the virgin birth and much else that I question.

After I picked up the car I took off for Gainesville. I had had to get up earlier than I am usually getting up so I took the opportunity to think of work. When I got to Gainesville I decided to go to One Stop where I looked for work and got some good leads back before mom died. I have been there several times. Last time I took the TABE again and spoke with a woman about going to the University of South Florida to get a degree in Education, – I THINK. The career was teacher’s assistant, which sounded like a good job to me because I have enjoyed good relationships with many teachers over the years. Thing was I couldn’t see moving down to Sarasota where USF is. I don’t know if I see it now, if I could afford it through financial aid. I’m looking right now at how I could rent mom’s room because I saw an article in the news about it.

At One Stop, which I think is called One Stop Florida, I was directed to register with them and sent to a computer. I liked the idea of being sent to a computer since I am educated in them and would like to find work using them. At the computer they sent me to a website where I would register with them and submit a resume.

That took an hour or more! It was quite a day’s work. I guess I was gone for about 4 hours including the trip to pick up the car. I had a piece of toast with peanut butter before I went and I was very hungry when I got home. I tested my blood sugar and I was still not in the good range, 80 – 120, so I waited for it to come down before I ate. Usually I have a diet coke. Anything with no calories will do although sometimes I have coffee or tea with milk. The milk is of near negligible carbohydrates.

I found a picture of mom while I was cleaning up that I don’t think I had in the computer so I scanned it in and post it above for you. I may get it over to My Flickr soon. It was part of a group of pictures taken at the church. A note from her firneds Joan and Gil was included.

Oh, you know, I’ve even been looking into military service for employment but I find I’m too old. Isn’t that AGEISM? In particular I’ve looked into the National Guard, the Army Reserves and the Air Force.

I may be more of a victim of AGEISM than I realize but I don’t know for sure.

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