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Entry for August 03, 2008

This is a picture I found when I was trying to clean up the paper in a little box my mom had. It was like a letter box that you see on desks. So many things you want to keep like old Birthday cards and Mother’s Day cards, letters from friends and Xmas cards.

I had this photo printed out. One of the elderly with whom my sister lived took it. It’s a pretty good photo. It was a good Thanksgiving despite each of us feeling kind of alone. I enjoyed seeing the inside of this apartment house that Barbara lived in. I forget the exact name for the housing but it was for over 65 folks. It had a communal dining area but private rooms and facilities. I remember places in my past where the bathroom was down the hall. It was a bit like a hotel. In fact it reminds me of the place I stayed at the Shree Muktananda Ashram in South Fallsburg, N.Y. That was a big hotel, the DeVille, I think they called it, that Muktananda bought and made into his headquarters in the U.S. It was an expansion from the Oakland area, I think, where he had already built one ashram.

Of course Barb’s room wasn’t filled with bunk beds whose mattresses were made of plywood and foam rubber like the facility I stayed in at the ashram. I should have brought my own bedding, a sleeping bag to sleep in or on. I might well have been sleeping outdoors which I hadn’t done since I was a hippie traveler in the 70’s. By coincidence, back home, mom was buying new mattresses. I had asked her to, because the straw was poking out of the mattress that I had been sleeping on since my older brother left to join the Air Force in 1962. That’s 30 years of service that mattress gave me, although occassionally I did sleep on others.

The picture above is of myself, Barbara, mom and Barbara’s friend Farzana. Mom had the worst time pronouncing, or remembering Farzana’s name. Farzana was from Afghanistan, very exotic. Barbara met her, if I recall correctly, at an Alanon meeting. Alanon is an organization that helps people affected by alcoholicism. Barb encouraged me to join but I thought I had Baba or Mayi so I didn’t need it. Perhaps I should have explored what alcoholicism had done to me.

Anyway, here is a nice picture of mom with her eyes closed. Perhaps she was taking a moment of meditation. She appears to be in good spirits, though, doesn’t she?

P.S. Barbara left a book at our house called Women and Madness years ago. The book is by Phyllis Chesler. It’s a great book and one that says a lot about what is happening today as Sen. Obama considers his vice-presidential choice. It’s about male conspiracy against women in a psychiatric environment. It’s a good read. If you haven’t you should and please visit her website.

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