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Entry for August 10, 2008

The Yankees pitcher Ian Kennedy is getting heat for his comments after the ballgame he pitched. He went 2 innings and gave up a lot of hits and runs.
Joe Girardi said part of playing in N.Y. is talking to the press. I understand how a young pitcher would have trouble with that. In fact the press is part of the reason players are paid so well to play in N.Y.
Kennedy did pitch well but he didn’t look very depressed after the game. Perhaps he needs a veteran influence. David Cone had a lot to say from the booth about what was going on with Ian. He wasn’t asking the questions though. He’s the type of player Kennedy could use some help from although being a broadcaster for YES it isn’t Coney’s job. There is a new pitching coach this year and maybe Kennedy misses the prsence of “The Gator” Ron Guidry. Maybe Kennedy picked up some tricks from Guidry that the new pitching coach, whose name I don’t even know, is not aware of.
The bullpen has done real well this year until yesterday when they got bombed. I think Edwar Ramirez had problems with the Angels before. Didn’t we get him from the Angels? They gave up on him! He has done real well this year with only one or two exceptions.
I was wondering if Ivan Rodriguez was catching and if that might have had something to do with the bullpen’s blowing the game. He doesn’t know what these guys can do as well as Molina who has caught them all season long. Of course Ivan is a veteran and an all-star so one hopes the mistakes are not that great.

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