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Entry for August 12, 2008

I received security supplemental income in the 80’s. It was quite a sum of money, I thought. I was embarrassed by it, really.
I had gotten the supplemental when I told a woman at the social security office that I had mental problems which was my own conclusion because I had been taking medicine for something the doctors would not even say. One of the prescriptions I took was stelazine. Recently I found out it is given to schizophrenics, an anti-psychotic.
My first encounter with the mental health process here was when I told a policeman I was crazy. I was a bit. I was excessively passionate about politics and social issues and I had walked a few miles down to my relatives’ farm. In front of the farm although not in front of any people I disrobed. I had some nice new pants my mom had bought me. I never wore any underwear so it was no problem. I was a big nudist. There was no question about that and there had been issues concerning a local pool that had turned nudist. It closed down after about 6 months I think.
I also had issues with my family who were far right conservatives, Baptist and small minded.
I had not been able to find a job which continues to be an issue to me to this day. I was 25.
But I was just thinking, we are able to give you a check if we ascertain that you are mentally ill, impaired or disabled but if prejudice is the source of your disadvantage there is nothing we can do.
Oh there may be things we can do but they are complicated and involved. PROOF! PROOF! PROOF! Papers, dates, names. You know, don’t you?

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