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Entry for August 12, 2008

I have the worst cold today. I took some old Drixoral that’s been sitting around here for God knows how long and it didn’t seem to do much so I took some Sudafed for cough and cold a while ago. I thought I had a little hay fever but it seems to be a full blown cold now.

I’m taking soup and tea, too.

I was thinking I was getting, or had a cold the last couple of days as I had trouble chewing, especially on the left side of my mouth where I am without several molars on the bottom. One molar is missing on the right side and I seemed to want the bridge that doctor’s had recommended for years but which I, and my mom, found too expensive.

I blamed my experience on a run in with my former dentists at the organic food market. I guess I thought he had some kind of negative siddhi that would make me suffer for our differences and make him look right. I suppose my circumstances do not allow me to think of forgiving siddhis.

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