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Entry for September 01, 2008

Just cleaning up around my house and I was thinking about food since my blood sugar has run low and I need a little orange juice. I thought of my brother John who just turned 64 onl August 29th and what his favorite food was. Pizza, I guess, speaking to his kids, 3 boys, and steak before that. He’s the working man, or was since he retired a few years ago.
He has paid the price for those faves though having open heart surgery a few years ago. We compared scars when he came down just before our mom had the stroke that killed her. I had some scars from a chest pump to remove fluid from my lung when I had pneumonia with pleurisy. I was quite impressed with my scars but boy his was huge.
I’ve been wanting to warn his oldest about cheese. When he visited, quite a few years ago, he wanted pizza from Melrose. It was delivery and it wasn’t that bad but it was a lot of cheese. Nutritionists warn us about cheese. I’m very happy with a new convenience I have purchased, the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, which while it seems to need cleaning quite a bit or it will stink up the kitchen with the smell of fermenting fruit, has really reoriented my eating habits toward healthier things like fruits and vegetables rather than cheese.
I hope the heavies in our family read this.
What a delicious juice I had last night. Stawberries, blueberries, apples and shredded coconut (not even sweetened).
I start with the Power Juicer and then I put it in the Cuisinart.
I bought that Cuisinart for mom for Christmas but she didn’t much like it. She wanted a cheaper mixer. I’m afraid I discouraged a very good habit of smoothies she had developed. You can’t imagine how guilty I feel sometimes about mom’s stroke but then it’s a fantasy to think that we have lots of friends here who have nothing better to do than think of wonderful ways things that will make our lives infinitely better. Sometimes I would imagine that from the way mom would talk about her doctor or the girls at the fitness center (which had to close after the economy went south post 9/11).
She could become a great fictional character for me someday. I’ve been looking at all the material I have from my attempt at writing for children – and teenagers. Nobody knew why I wanted to do that but I really took to the school for writing for children and teenagers because it promised to improve my writing. I haven’t even tried to get anything published. I had somewhat bad experience with the school as it was tougher than I imagined it would be. It gave me a lot of ideas about writing that I found very formal and formalized. I felt an old style conservatism about it. I found it very formal. One way I had that might have helped me break through that was I could call them direct but I didn’t. I was in a stage where I couldn’t speak to anyone. That gave birth to the e-mail. It’s almost like talking on a phone and yet it isn’t. Although Siddha Yoga promises to break one out of one’s inwardness I still feel quite inward in many ways, a result of my falling out with the school and the other folks who didn’t require my presence anymore.

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