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Entry for September 05, 2008

Who can I talk to?
A nice woman spoke to me a few night ago.
She was a loan officer and she was very kind about my situation.
I’m waiting for the printout to come. I needed to get a printout from social security for some group/organization that finds jobs for people 55 and over.
And then there’s the house.
Although, if I get a job the house situation may change because I might be
able to get a loan to pay off the credit cards. I can’t get a loan so long as I’m unemployed.
I have a woman over doing yard work.
She cut back the azaleas to like butch level.They will come back beautifully in the spring though. She removed the potato ivy and now you can see the windows. They need new screens.
She works at $20 an hour but does good work and she doesn’t try to milk the hours. She works at an excellent pace.
I’m just yearning for someone to talk to. I talked to people a lot when I was in college.
I wonder if it’s cutting back the TV subscriptions that’s doing it.
I have no premium movie channels now, but still the sports subscriptions.
I reduced the basic package to the family level. Very cheap but very few channels.
I put on the Playboy Channel as well. It’s $18. The basic package is $29, I think and the sports subscription currently is NFL. It’s like $49 in 4 payments. Pretty stiff stuff, huh.
Thinking I might cancel that. I’ve done it before. First games coming up.
Just thinking if I ever get a buddy of any sort he might want to watch a game.
I’m not optimistic about that.
Oh, hey, my cat walked out on me.
You know a lot of people think someone steals their pet but I think I saw her in another yard the other night when I came home. I think she is still around.
GOD! I got tired of her. She needed to be scratched all the time and if you scratched her in the wrong place or used a brush or device on her she would scratch you later on.
What else? She hated the Frontline.
Oh, and she would get even if you used any little hissing sounding thing like a dust can or something to make her get lost. Moody and tempermental – and hot headed. What a combination.
Someone bought Mrs. McGill’s old home, finally, and I saw the cat running across the dirt road to that house last night. She can stay gone.
I went to the Animal Control Center, all ready with a carrier and all. She wasn’t there.
Boy is that place awful. What a smell!!! Those poor animals.
I think our tax dollars could be spent to allow the animals not to suffer that horrendous smell in their final days. I think they were all destined to be destroyed, a very sad truth still in effect over in not so enlightened Gainesville.

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