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Entry for September 06, 2008

Boy, I changed my DTV subscription and I sure am confused now.
It was in the middle of the last Yankees game against Tampa Bay and boom, 5 minutes after the change the Yankee game disappeared. Or should I say the Rays game?
Because even on the MLB XtraInnings they weren’t showing the Rays/Yankees game.

And I have no ESPN. It’s the Family package. It really sucks but it’s the cheapest package they have. Sine I have the NFL Sunday Ticket and MLB XtraInnings and no job I have to cut back.

Somehow it seems I have HBO and Cinemax though. Maybe there’s the rub.
I’ll go check.
See you later.

Yeah, they don’t show on the website but you know I missed the Giants game. I thought the Sunday Ticket would cover it but the screen menu seems to be saying tomorrow is the first day of Sunday Ticket. So, I was waiting until tomorrow for the Giants game. I was looking for it on the menu and boy …., frustrating. Why? Do a little Google. The Giants played already on Thursday. They won against the Redskins.

So, I went back and I had to change the programming again to the more expensive by 23 dollars, in round figures, Choice package. The Florida/Miami game is on ESPN tonight. I guess the Family package is for a family that doesn’t want dad to see any games or for mom to see the news. No CNN either.

Worst thing about losing my preems is I won’t get to see Weeds. That hurts.

Last night I had this fantasy that my brothers were going to give me an upgrade to HD TV, new dish, new TV, new receiver. I checked out the receiver and the one with Tivo is $199. The dish itself is like $90 and you know what a HD TV would cost. $2000?

I thought maybe since they didn’t pay a dime for their dear mother’s funeral they could help out their little brother a little bit. Of course I would prefer they would pay of the credit cards that come closer to the cost of the funeral than that TV thing.

Gee, I always thought they were generous guys. I remember when they and my sister got together and gave mom a real classy dining room set. We had been living on those old aluminum things, you know, with the legs you pull out, etc. I wish I could find one of them to show you. It was real nice. I think it was $400 in those days.
Captain’s chairs. She liked them.
I had been thinking they were going to complete the set with one of those things they use to display the special dishes. I forget what they call it. Or was it a Grandfather clock that she wanted. I don’t reall remember, but with all the fighting between us and me without a job, ever, they were doing all they could to take care of themselves.
In fact I remember, and there is a note among mom’s things, when mom found a house for Bill and Miss to live in for free, just utilities. Mom received privileges to the house when a Mr. Paulsen, a friend of my father’s died. Mr. Paulsen’s estate helped mom and I get by as we received the interest earned on his holdings until mom died. The money then went to the Masonic Home (unfortunately).
How generous for a friend of the old man’s. Dad was the incarnation of Mr. Scrooge I don’t understand why his friend would be so generous. but he came down here from Philadelphia without much notice and mom helped him set up his accounts and holdings with her bank. For that he let her have the interest earned on his account. That and the railroad money, mom received both her own check and a check for being the spouse of a railroad employee.
Too bad my hair was too long for me to get a job like that although it seemed cutting my hair never made a damn bit of difference. Then there was my chain smoking, my indulgence in the sacramental weed, and my good beer drinking to also blame. That is if you want to exclude my radical politics. Was it so radical to want out of Vietnam or the decriminalization of marijuana? I still don’t think so.

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