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Entry for September 14, 2008

I wonder if I could get a job working with the elderly.
Of course they are not all as nice as my mother was.
I was just thinking how strange it is that there is no training
in that regard. I went to Santa Fe and I don’t remember
a damned working skill that was an aid to the elderly.
I think they really believe you should live fast, die young
and leave a good looking corpse.
And sure that’s good for their budgets, eh?
The less they spend on the elderly the more they can spend
on the glorious war or on tax breaks to the rich corporations.
I’m over 55 and I was lucky that there was a number posted
at the post office about a program to help people over 55 get
jobs but you needed a work printout from social security and that
cost money. Not being experienced with that I asked for a printout
of all the years since 1972. I hadn’t worked every year. I should
have tried to remember the years I worked. Or I needed to call
that number back.
Imagine that though, an important program like that on your
post office bulletin board. I email teachers and people in the
community and they didn’t know about anything like that. It isn’t
that everyday people aren’t trying to help, it’s that Crist and the big
shots in Washington aren’t.

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