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Entry for September 17, 2008

I saw Craig Ferguson and David Letterman making fun of Lindsay Lohan speaking out about McCain’s record on Gay/Lesbian rights and I wondered why it was so bad that she should stand up for Gays and Lesbians if she was straight or bisexual. Do you have to be a woman to stand up for women’s rights or a black person to stand up for black rights? Do you have to live in the country to fight for environmental protections?
And I remembered where I knew Craig Ferguson from. I would never have watched his silly show if I hadn’t loved his performance as a hairdresser, indeed, a gay hairdresser who came to Hollywood to open a salon with nothing but a claim that he knew Sean Connery. It was a funny, funny movie. My mom saw it with me. We both enjoyed it.
So, who is Craig to shout down someone who is telling you the truth about John McCain and his record on Gay rights?
I believe it was Craig who was also in a movie about dope where an elderly woman turns to selling dope to pay the bills her recently demised husband left her. Should he run down anyone who comes out advocated more relaxed laws on marijuana if those people don’t happen to use pot, or are famous for using it? I don’t get the importance of this self-interest.
Is it just that he wants to make sure this young actress suffers the undue distress of people’s neanderthalic understanding of homosexuality and bisexuality? Does he think that is some rite of passage for anyone “into” that?

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