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Entry for October 06, 2008

I got a ticket the other night. I have had this cold and I went out and after taking some medicine which I guess I shouldn’t have. I was not even wearing my glasses when I took off from the Sweet Bay parking lot onto 34th St. I had gone a couple of blocks and I think I was even put off by a car following too close as I came to a light. I remember being somewhat conscious of the possibility of police stopping me for running the orange light.
The cop was a young fellow and asked me if I knew why I was stopped. Right after I saw those lights in my rear view window I realized I didn’t have my lights on.
These tickets are so confusing. I’m not even sure how to take care of it. I have to contact the Clerk of the Court before I opt for the internet class.

I’m almost over this damned cold. The anti-biotics have been very effective.

I noticed something odd today watching TV. I was watching Fountainhead, starring Gary Cooper, which was a favorite of mine when I first saw it as a child. Gary Cooper, an architect named Roark, had a day in court and every person on the jury was a man. Following Fountainhead was Concrete Jungle with Glenn Ford. I hadn’t realized that the class with whom Ford had such a problem was all male. Not a girl in the whole gang. What a strange world that would have been to have classes with no girls in them.

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