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Entry for October 10, 2008

I had a wonderful dream last night. It was kind of Krsna if you know what I mean. There were these big paintings but they were moving, like TV or the movies. That Krsna stuff is really gripping.
I was at home talking to my sister Barbara and mom, I think and then dad, or Ed as some called him was there. The carpet seemed to have some problem. It was coming unglued. I felt really disappointed. I try to keep the house up. So then the dream got weird. Barb disappeared somewhere with mom away from Ed, who may have had some friends with him. Some persons appeared who were a bit grisly bearded, half shaved you know, darkish from the sun and such. They weren’t so important as whatever it was they were saying to me and then this huge wave appeared. I thought it was a tidal wave and I was a little afraid but it wasn’t something bad. It was kind of like the scene in Be Here Now where some multi-armed God appears riding a surf board. The wave washed out and there were objects and things coming up on the shore. One floating device was like a surf board and I laid down upon it. I think Krsna appeared walking up a boardwalk, but it might have been just any blue being. Still, I fear it was Him. I fear because before I have been seduced by Him causing me to float up in the air and ejaculate in my bed.
I woke up before any sexy stuff started happening thank God. I’m not happy with the sex.

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