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Entry for October 17, 2008

Oh, I can’t believe it. I went to town to do some shopping and Christ, the Rays blow the game.
Why do you take a fellow throwing a shutout out of the game?
I would have taken him to the eighth. He was pitching a great game, but I know hindsight is always 20/20.
Sorry, the Rays lost.
I left at the start of the 7th. Just like Kazmir. I guess I should have babysit the boys.
Boy was it some surprise when I fast forwarded my recording of the game and saw that sign saying Sox Win.
I thought getting to Daisuke was like the thing. He was so hot the first game. He threw a shutout and his record with runners in scoring position is something. When I saw they got 2 runs off of him in the first I thought the game was done then. By the time it was 7-0 I thought it was for sure done.
Boy, that bullpen should be ashamed, and maybe the manager, but I do think Kazmir could have gone one more inning, but then I don’t know the Rays. Also, looking at the recording, why not bring in that 14 game winner or that kid Price who did so well?
I feel very disappointed. They could have won it tonight.

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