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Entry for October 30, 2008

Oh, well, the Rays lost.
I guess you have to questions when you lose.
Should Baldelli have hit? Should there have been a steal of third base?
Why didn’t we run Crawford on the first pitch when Upton was up?
Why wasn’t Maddon extremely mad in Game 4 when they picked off Jimmy Rollins and the ump got it wrong? He might have excited his team that way.
Was it that the Rays just didn’t want it bad enough?
I had to laugh when Joe Buck referred to Evan Longoria at third base as “the rookie.”
It’s so prejudicial. Experience preferred!!!
Like experience will teach you how to hit a curve ball.
They don’t like early retirement up there in the booth. They want you to play your 20 years and if you’re any good, set records, go into the Hall. How long did Sandy Koufax play? Do you still remember “the Bird” Mark Fydrich? His first year was his biggest. Derek Jeter was a great “rookie,” look what he did. But they are “not trying to put down rookies here. ” The forever defense of the broadcasters. They are impartial even thought they might have played for a team or their dad may have called plays for a team, still totally impartial.
Anyway, the Rays could have played better. Think – if Iwamura catches that pop fly, no runs score, maybe the Rays win. Well, that’s life.
I have an appointment with the cardiologist today at 2 P.M.

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