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Entry for November 12, 2008

Seem to have a job lead. New Horizons a private school teaching computer sciences called me and said they had positions on staff available. Gee, I never thought of it, could they be looking for teachers? I spoke with a fellow and he sounded very positive.

My friend Michelle came by to use the computer. As a house cleaner all of her assets are in her back and I guess she is getting tired and not interested in doing so many houses lately but it is affecting her bank account. She’s about to lose her car and she has had to disconnect the internet.

She’s kind of cheery woman, a single mother of 3 but 2 of them are grown up. She only has little Hopey now who is 8 years old. My brother asked me when he was down a while back who was my favorite relative. I thought the question was so ridiculous that now I’m thinking maybe the answer was Michelle since I see more of her than any relative. I did see my Aunt Ruth on election day. I was leaving the polling place and she was coming in. It was nice to see her but I haven’t seen the cousins in a long time. I did see Idell at mom’s funeral and I ran into Steve a year or so before mom was stricken.

I keep thinking of how I could have saved mom, how the hospitals might have saved her, how a different society might have saved her. Her fitness center had to close down when the economy got so bad after 9/11. I kept wanting to get her a treadmill because that was all she use to use but the money pinch kept getting in the way. I didn’t know money as well as I do now although I probably had access to a lot more then if I could get by mom’s dissent or my own selfishness.

I got a haircut. It’s real short now.

And I went to my own fitness center yesterday. Walked for half an hour. Did a bit of trotting. I trot for a minute, 3 times. It really works on me. I couldnt’ do much more. Maybe that’s what the scotch is doing to me. I am concerned about my weight as the pounds that I had taken off seem to be creeping back up on me. My cardiologist did say I lost 9 pounds since the last time I saw him but I know I have lost about 20 or more since then. I gave into an urge for potatoes. That’s probably the chief problem. I considered them a little gift to myself.

I bought this terrific clock called the Enso clock. You can set meditation times with it. I have practice knowledge with it and it works very well. One of its alarms is a GONG sound. It’s terrific but a little expensive at $100. Still, I saw the lack of timing device such a hindrance in my meditation that I am delighted to have this light little digital device to sound the great Buddha’s Gong when my incrememts of meditation are done.

Had some problems with the new phone I’ve gotten. Net10. I’m supposed to just pay 10 cents a minute and 300 minutes were included with the purchase of the phone but I see I only have those 300 minutes until Dec. 21. They had activated the phone with my other cell phone number but when I found out that ending my service to that phone would cost $150.00 I had them change the phone number. I asked CREDO not to cancel my subscription and they said they would get back to me later about the cancellation but they haven’t.

Makes me kind of angry.

And then I bought these 2 $5 glasses from Pier 1 Imports and the first one broke the day I bought it and the second one busted just a couple of days ago. I guess I bought them a couple of weeks ago.

Boy, you should see some of the computers they have for sale at Best Buy. Incredible touch screen computers. They didn’t seem expensive either. I also looked at the TVs at Best Buy. Boy the 60 inch Plasm is beautiful but expensive at over $5,000. I wonder if the equipment you need comes with that. I think there is a 200 HD converter that needs to be bought, but then I have DTV and would have to get a dish that works with the HD and probably there is a converter that they give you in that case.

Remembering there is nothing but Shiva. He is the universal Truth. It’s interesting. I use om namah shivaya so frequently. Knowledge does not require a mantra but I know Gurumayi would say it is still an awakening of the Kundalini. And I think Maharaj doesn’t care as long as you find Peace.

Sadgurunath Maharaj ki jay!

And then there are these ripoffs like GrantMaster. They are charging me 49.95 a month for some thing. Apparently an online thing. Seeing it on my Amex card I looked it up and apparently I had gotten a disk. I finally found that in my cluttered house and stuck it in the ROM. There was supposed to be a password but I didn’t see where to imput one. And there was a website where a password was to be imput but I didn’t see that text box either. It isn’t that I’m blind or computer illiterate. I did get to see a long, long list of grants I could apply for but when you get to the grant you may want you have to pay another fee it appears. I have applied for food stamps and student grants and loans and I know what a difficult task it is so now, pay these fees and then go through the daunting task of the application which is bound to require all kinds of personal information concerning your assets. What a ripoff. In fact today, doing a search for GrantMaster I saw it listed at ripoff.org.

And CIC, a credit report business I thought I had cancelled shows up again. It appears on a different credit card than it was when I cancelled it. Another bit of business I must take care of. These are the results of being in need. The poor get poorer they say and it’s clearly because they are taken advantage of, ripped off for what little they have.

OK, that’ s enough for now. I have to go to the store and get my prescription – at Wal-Mart and I need to get some other things such as sugar. You know I am unprepared for a guest that takes sugar in their tea or coffee so I’ll get 5 lbs. of sugar today and put some in a little bowl for Michelle who may be coming over more frequently to do her Ebay business. Oh , do you want to look at what Michelle has for sale? Right now I only know she goes by the name michopeios.

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