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Entry for November 21, 2008

Have I told you I bought some things from EBay. A computer tower and an operating system.
I bought the tower for just over $100 but it had no OS. So, I bought XP Pro.
I was just confusing XP Pro with XP 2000 which you can use on multiple systems.
I have XP Home on my central computer. I just bought a huge Hard Drive for it but I didn’t
put the OS on it. I’ve been transferring files and programs to it. I think it’s a 350 GB Hard Drive I bought and it seems a bit wasted. I also bought Partition Magic which allows me to put multiple operating systems on a machine. I can’t depend on it because I haven’t been able to make a single partition with it so far. How can I depend on it putting another OS on the machine if it can’t do the other thing it says it can do which is create partitions. Wasted $70 on Norton’s Partition Magic. My advice, don’t buy that one. I have seen the one by PowerQuest.
Searching just now, Norton claims to have purchased that same software. I don’t know. Just doesn’t work for me.
So, now, I could put XP Pro on the XP Home computer or put it on the new one which will be arriving soon, I hope. The computer is a DELL GX260 TOWER COMPUTER P4-2.26GHZ 1GB RAM 80GB DVDRW. It was $115. The OS was $145 but I just saw it advertised at Tiger Direct for $139.95. I suppose shipping would make up the difference. I could buy a Vista Premium and set it up on the new computer but I’m using an old monitor, an old keyboard and an old mouse so I guess I’ll just stay with my plan and use this old OS.

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