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Entry for November 26, 2008

My movie for today was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was an interesting relationship movie.
Brought up some interesting ideas for me but I have been taken over by the new computer on which I have installed XP Pro. I seem to be having problems there.
I can’t change the display settings and when I finally did find a unique way to do that, in Display Properties, Advanced, Adapter the screen went Safe Mode. You know that screen don’t you?
So, I looked up how to open it up in Safe Mode thinking I could do something there but I couldn’t open it up in Safe Mode. I seem to need the disk to get things going and it says Boot from Disk? and of course I don’t want it to do that.
There is a system setup screen that comes on. I must have a look at that.
Had 2 baked potatoes today. Oh, and I learned that the delicious New York Ravioli I’ve been eating is made with eggs. So much for my Hare Krsna life.
I’ve gotta watch out for these potatoes though. They get me BIG!

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