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Entry for December 22, 2008

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Great game last night. I was very happy with the results.

I didn’t expect the Giants to win, really. I had seen the Panthers beat the Bucs and I didn’t know how successful the return of Brandon Jacobs would be.

Deion Sanders thought the interference call in the end zone was a bad call and he will call me biased but to me it was outright. Deion says the corner was going for the ball. I wonder what the rules are down in the endzone, or red zone. Do you still have to give 5 yards before you bump the receiver. Oh, that’s the secondary gets to bump within 5 yards.

Well, I still thought the call was right. He actually moved the receiver so he could get to the ball. If that’s going for the ball they will have to reverse a lot of interference calls this year.

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Entry for December 21, 2008

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I can’t believe this fellow Warren talking about love. I just watched a movie on St. Paul. Paul wrote the famous commentary on Love. Heny Drummond wrote a commentary on it.

I found this book, “The Greatest Thing in the World” at a tobacco shop. It was also a book store.

I gave it to my mom for Christmas and she was very fond of it.

It really wasn’t my thing. I’m more of a Hare Krsna man, or I would have been back then.

Gurumayi has a videotape called Believe in Love. It was the theme for the year 2000.

To me, love would be having a look at the tape. This talk is also recorded, I think, in Sadhana of the Heart which is a compilation of Mayi’s first of the year, thematic talks, actually known as the message for the year. Lately, I read a piece of A Golden Mind, A Golden Life.

I’ve been thinking lately how divided we are. We tend to look much more for the differences in things, our religions and philosophies than in our commonalities. Never mind that everyone is speaking about love being the greatest thing, we have to refine it to reflect our own religious or philosophical beliefs and so Henry Drummond in the page above is speaking about Christian Love being the greatest thing in the world. I’m sure Paul only dimly had conceived of a thing called Christianity when he spoke these words. According to the movie I watched through my Netflix subscription Christianity only came to be a word as the movement to spread Jesus’s religion spread to Greece.

Mayi mentioned the Narada Bhakti Sutras. Narada is a celestial devotee of Krishna’s.

Reading about Kuan Yin it was said she was even gentler than Jesus. The rejection of the fig tree being Jesus’ claim to violence. Kuan Yin is a lovely figure and there is a statue of her at the Shree Muktananda Ashram in South Fallsburg, N.Y.

I don’t think Muktananda, Mayi or others espousing the truth of consciousness get the recognition they deserve. I said so at Taylor Marsh today. You may find my comment in the comments section of RICK WARREN: Hey Homos, Reign In Your Gayness!

My comments aren’t very important though.

I’m thinking of all this stupidity I encounter regarding my beliefs as something like public school. You know that scene. Street smarts are all that count in public school. Don’t take any wooden nickels, who loves ya baby? etc. You might call it tough love you might just call it tough. We might realize the truth anyway.

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Entry for December 18, 2008

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Terrible movie on the Apostle Paul. Got it from Netflix.

You know it was one of those typical christian views and it was like soft soaped for the kids but it reminded m of what the Urantia Book said about artistic conceptions of Jesus, that he was this somehow superpowered wimp. No, says UB, Jesus was a strong man capable of handling manly tasks. Who else’s bearing would be “like a king’s.”

As I see the scourgings and other tortures depicted in the movies it impresses me that naturally the Romans were so large and masculine but the Jews were just educated losers. I doubt the Romans would fear such a people. I think we have the same notions of Indian Gurus and Yogis as elderly old farts who somehow enlighten you up. That’s a criticism Prem Rawat has of some people who come to him. They seem to think he can enlighten them up. But it’s not like that he says. He has this knowledge he can show to you and if you practice it you will find peace. That’s all he says.

I am conflicted between Maharaji (Prem Rawat) and the Krsna Consciousness yoga. I just bought the books, Shrimad Bhagavatam. Beautiful volumes. I was watching Gurumayi, another conflict, and you know in the Guru Gita which I think is an impersonalist scripture to the Vaishnavas, the Guru is called Vishnu. The Guru in the Guru Gita is all three of the trinitized aspects of the Indian Deity, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

But there is a lovely picture of Jesus as a child I wanted to post here and I had forgotten. It is from Truthbook dot com. Pictures there are just a little more sensitive. Look out for seeing them in the Protestant view. I know protestants love a hardy looking picture of Jesus but they similarly love that God of Wrath, I think. Jesus did not come to die on the cross, he came to teach us about the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God. While I don’t think Jesus was one of those effeminant yet miraculously empowered figures we see in the arts I also don’t think he was one of those Beau Brummels we see in the less mature artistic renderings.

I don’t care for a Li’l Abner Jesus. The photo at the top of this blog entry I see against the awful presentation of Paul in the movie. The photo above is just a little more serious about facing death which is usually one of the most romantic scenes you will see in Christian art. This is what Christianity sees as the miracle of Christ’s appearance, his death for the sins of man. But if he doesn’t die for the sins of man but only out of the valor of his own dedication to revealing the message of brotherhood and divinity then it becomes a whole different picture, doesn’t it?

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Entry for December 16, 2008

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I’ve been looking at high definition televisions. My brother called me up and asked me if I needed a TV. He had a 32″ he had to get rid of. I told him no. The house is such a mess. There is so much clutter there is really no room for another TV.
So what would I do with an HD?
It’s a good question, but I went and took a look at the possibilities anyway.
There are lots of new deals in HD’s according to PC Mag. HD’s that were selling for 3,000 are now going for 2,000, etc. I looked up the Editor’s Choices at PC Mag over at Consumer Reports and I ran into the rear projection HD’s. They’re cheaper and just as good, in many cases maybe better.
My house was built in 1970 and they spared many expenses in its building too so I’m not hung up on fashion, thin design and all. A rear projection might just be the thing for me. This is after all something like a fishing village where I live. I might think of moving though. I might sell this house and move and then I might want to think of a thin TV, but the projection TV’s have 60 inch screens for the price of 42 inch screens in plasma or LCD. So that’s something to think about and there is a mention of cinematic quality that sounds interesting. Sony had one recommended but they are stopping the manufacture of rear projection and I noticed it was hard to find one for sale.
However there is an argument for LCD’s that they are low power consumers. Lower electric bills and one we have to think about with the nation threatening to turn to the very dangerous nuclear power as an answer to its energy needs. LCD is also recommended if you have a room that has a lot of light in it. I guess mine could have light in it, but it doesn’t really. If I happen to put in a sun roof or if I move to somewhere where a sun roof was available, a good choice for energy conservation, then the LCD makes great sense.
Right now I’m looking into the DLP projection TVs. I don’t really know what they are.
If I should come upon a Christmas present of an HDTV capable TV I still have to think about that whopper of credit card bill I have. Even a loan would be great there to get me out from under those damned finance charges.
And I have to get my headlights fixed again. When you use the high beams the left headlight goes out. There is a little darkness on the left tail light, too.

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Entry for December 12, 2008

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I got a Christmas card from my brother and his wife today. It was a happy Santa Christmas card with lots of glitter. Nice.

I sent John and Maria (my brother and his wife) a response in a letter. I sent a Siddha Yoga Christmas card. On the front is a waterfall and the quote from Baba Muktananda, “May everyone’s life be a paradise.”

Found this quote from the Urantia Book in my email.

His whole earth life was consistently devoted to the mission of thawing out the frozen forms of religion into the liquid liberties of enlightened sonship.

This was under the heading of Jesus’ Devoted Mission.

It’s a quote from Paper 155.

The entire quote is below:

p1727:8 155:3.8 Jesus repeatedly taught his apostles that no civilization could long survive the loss of the best in its religion. And he never grew weary of pointing out to the twelve the great danger of accepting religious symbols and ceremonies in the place of religious experience. His whole earth life was consistently devoted to the mission of thawing out the frozen forms of religion into the liquid liberties of enlightened sonship.

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Entry for December 03, 2008

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My brother was over to get help with his GolfBuddy GPS.
He isn’t computer literate so he needs to visit me to do the computer
things for his golf devices. GolfBuddy is a new one. He formerly had
He thinks this GolfBuddy is far superior to GolfLogix.
Nice to see him. That’s his wife’s new car. She traded in a Honda
she was driving for it. It’s a Honda too but more of a truck. Bill said
she used to drive an Explorer and liked it a lot so this Honda is more
like the Explorer.
Fine shiny new car. Exciting.
I took the picture with my new PowerShot from Canon.
I looked it up in Consumer Reports and it was the second best
digital camera they could recommend. It was cheaper than the
number 1.
I was looking at a camera that PC Mag recommended. It was
an Editor’s Pick but I backed out of it for the unknown name
and its not appearing at Consumer Reports. PC Mag recommended
the computer I use today, the Dell Inspiron 1420. I think PC Mag
recommended a Pentax.

I looked into truck driving today. I now understand that a CDL is a Commercial Drivers License. I looked at education possibilities but all I saw required me to give a phone number and expect a call. I’ve had one experience like that. I was looking into an online degree in psychology. I chickened out. I thought the work would be too hard although I was told it wouldn’t be and I worried about the financial aid. Financial aid is a lot of work. I know trying to get food stamps is a pain. But, I was talking with a person and then he wanted a call back and so on and so forth.

I just don’t need the calling.

I also thought about going back to Santa Fe to pursue perhaps, networking, but then I remember the teams they wanted set up in programming when I went there before and that turned me off. Projects and teams are a bummer to me.

I wouldn’t mind getting a CDL but I don’t think I want an online school. I wisht there were something here. I’m afraid even if I had the CDL license I wouldn’t get the jobs.

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