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Entry for December 03, 2008

My brother was over to get help with his GolfBuddy GPS.
He isn’t computer literate so he needs to visit me to do the computer
things for his golf devices. GolfBuddy is a new one. He formerly had
He thinks this GolfBuddy is far superior to GolfLogix.
Nice to see him. That’s his wife’s new car. She traded in a Honda
she was driving for it. It’s a Honda too but more of a truck. Bill said
she used to drive an Explorer and liked it a lot so this Honda is more
like the Explorer.
Fine shiny new car. Exciting.
I took the picture with my new PowerShot from Canon.
I looked it up in Consumer Reports and it was the second best
digital camera they could recommend. It was cheaper than the
number 1.
I was looking at a camera that PC Mag recommended. It was
an Editor’s Pick but I backed out of it for the unknown name
and its not appearing at Consumer Reports. PC Mag recommended
the computer I use today, the Dell Inspiron 1420. I think PC Mag
recommended a Pentax.

I looked into truck driving today. I now understand that a CDL is a Commercial Drivers License. I looked at education possibilities but all I saw required me to give a phone number and expect a call. I’ve had one experience like that. I was looking into an online degree in psychology. I chickened out. I thought the work would be too hard although I was told it wouldn’t be and I worried about the financial aid. Financial aid is a lot of work. I know trying to get food stamps is a pain. But, I was talking with a person and then he wanted a call back and so on and so forth.

I just don’t need the calling.

I also thought about going back to Santa Fe to pursue perhaps, networking, but then I remember the teams they wanted set up in programming when I went there before and that turned me off. Projects and teams are a bummer to me.

I wouldn’t mind getting a CDL but I don’t think I want an online school. I wisht there were something here. I’m afraid even if I had the CDL license I wouldn’t get the jobs.

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