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Entry for December 16, 2008

I’ve been looking at high definition televisions. My brother called me up and asked me if I needed a TV. He had a 32″ he had to get rid of. I told him no. The house is such a mess. There is so much clutter there is really no room for another TV.
So what would I do with an HD?
It’s a good question, but I went and took a look at the possibilities anyway.
There are lots of new deals in HD’s according to PC Mag. HD’s that were selling for 3,000 are now going for 2,000, etc. I looked up the Editor’s Choices at PC Mag over at Consumer Reports and I ran into the rear projection HD’s. They’re cheaper and just as good, in many cases maybe better.
My house was built in 1970 and they spared many expenses in its building too so I’m not hung up on fashion, thin design and all. A rear projection might just be the thing for me. This is after all something like a fishing village where I live. I might think of moving though. I might sell this house and move and then I might want to think of a thin TV, but the projection TV’s have 60 inch screens for the price of 42 inch screens in plasma or LCD. So that’s something to think about and there is a mention of cinematic quality that sounds interesting. Sony had one recommended but they are stopping the manufacture of rear projection and I noticed it was hard to find one for sale.
However there is an argument for LCD’s that they are low power consumers. Lower electric bills and one we have to think about with the nation threatening to turn to the very dangerous nuclear power as an answer to its energy needs. LCD is also recommended if you have a room that has a lot of light in it. I guess mine could have light in it, but it doesn’t really. If I happen to put in a sun roof or if I move to somewhere where a sun roof was available, a good choice for energy conservation, then the LCD makes great sense.
Right now I’m looking into the DLP projection TVs. I don’t really know what they are.
If I should come upon a Christmas present of an HDTV capable TV I still have to think about that whopper of credit card bill I have. Even a loan would be great there to get me out from under those damned finance charges.
And I have to get my headlights fixed again. When you use the high beams the left headlight goes out. There is a little darkness on the left tail light, too.

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