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Entry for December 18, 2008

Terrible movie on the Apostle Paul. Got it from Netflix.

You know it was one of those typical christian views and it was like soft soaped for the kids but it reminded m of what the Urantia Book said about artistic conceptions of Jesus, that he was this somehow superpowered wimp. No, says UB, Jesus was a strong man capable of handling manly tasks. Who else’s bearing would be “like a king’s.”

As I see the scourgings and other tortures depicted in the movies it impresses me that naturally the Romans were so large and masculine but the Jews were just educated losers. I doubt the Romans would fear such a people. I think we have the same notions of Indian Gurus and Yogis as elderly old farts who somehow enlighten you up. That’s a criticism Prem Rawat has of some people who come to him. They seem to think he can enlighten them up. But it’s not like that he says. He has this knowledge he can show to you and if you practice it you will find peace. That’s all he says.

I am conflicted between Maharaji (Prem Rawat) and the Krsna Consciousness yoga. I just bought the books, Shrimad Bhagavatam. Beautiful volumes. I was watching Gurumayi, another conflict, and you know in the Guru Gita which I think is an impersonalist scripture to the Vaishnavas, the Guru is called Vishnu. The Guru in the Guru Gita is all three of the trinitized aspects of the Indian Deity, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

But there is a lovely picture of Jesus as a child I wanted to post here and I had forgotten. It is from Truthbook dot com. Pictures there are just a little more sensitive. Look out for seeing them in the Protestant view. I know protestants love a hardy looking picture of Jesus but they similarly love that God of Wrath, I think. Jesus did not come to die on the cross, he came to teach us about the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God. While I don’t think Jesus was one of those effeminant yet miraculously empowered figures we see in the arts I also don’t think he was one of those Beau Brummels we see in the less mature artistic renderings.

I don’t care for a Li’l Abner Jesus. The photo at the top of this blog entry I see against the awful presentation of Paul in the movie. The photo above is just a little more serious about facing death which is usually one of the most romantic scenes you will see in Christian art. This is what Christianity sees as the miracle of Christ’s appearance, his death for the sins of man. But if he doesn’t die for the sins of man but only out of the valor of his own dedication to revealing the message of brotherhood and divinity then it becomes a whole different picture, doesn’t it?

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