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Entry for December 22, 2008

Great game last night. I was very happy with the results.

I didn’t expect the Giants to win, really. I had seen the Panthers beat the Bucs and I didn’t know how successful the return of Brandon Jacobs would be.

Deion Sanders thought the interference call in the end zone was a bad call and he will call me biased but to me it was outright. Deion says the corner was going for the ball. I wonder what the rules are down in the endzone, or red zone. Do you still have to give 5 yards before you bump the receiver. Oh, that’s the secondary gets to bump within 5 yards.

Well, I still thought the call was right. He actually moved the receiver so he could get to the ball. If that’s going for the ball they will have to reverse a lot of interference calls this year.

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