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Entry for January 31, 2009

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Yesterday I put my Tobi together. Today I tried it. It’s a device I saw advertised on TV that claims to remove wrinkles easily.

I really don’t like it! If I could instead find someone who could teach me how to iron my clothes I’m sure I would prefer that.

The thing is all shaky and waffly. It’s nothing like what you see on TV.

I’m lucky I know how to wash and dry my clothes. My washer is the devil as it has a broken hose and I really should get someone out here to fix it but I don’t.

So, I have to clean up pools of water after washing with a wet/dry vac I bought.

This Tobi thing I thought was an answer for all the wrinkled items that I don’t get to hang up after washing. I leave them in the hampers and they wrinkle. But this Tobi is no solution it appears to me. They have to be hung on hangers and the hangers have no slot or anything to slide into to keep them still and let you work on the material, the shirt or pants that are on the hanger. The hangers spins all over the place and you can’t keep the material still. And I think it was fairly expensive. Maybe I can sell it on Ebay.


I would send it back if there was a money back guarantee.

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Entry for January 29, 2009

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I got nervous aobut identity theft yesterday and ordered that one where the fellow puts his social security number right there on the webpage to invite theft.

I understand somebody did steal his identity. I don’t know what the ultimate end of that was but I have not heard of any of his customers being so abused so I thought I could trust.

It’s called LifeLock.

You see I picked up a poor guy on the road last month, around Christmas time and he said his identity had been stolen. He had been fairly well off too but now he had nothing. It would be just what I need now.

Oh and I bought some Acai Berry. Somebody associated the name of Rachel Ray with the stuff and so I bought it.

I did my discovery test at a library yesterday. A Librarian’s Aid looked like a good job. I seem to have all the credentlials right now, but is there a position available here? It also reaffirmed some kind of technical skills position, something in the computer field. I guess because I have learned to do a lot of those things and I enjoy doing a lot of those things and it probably fit into my values as well.

Seemed to me the test online is a little different than the test at Santa Fe Community College.

Oh, I am watching a Peace Flix of Maharaji’s event in Gainesville. He said that the webcasts are heavily edited and apparently so are the Peace Flix DVDs. I remember an 18 year old who stood up and talked for quite a while. He seemed to think 18 was a very mature age and I laughed at that. The young man even seemed to take offense and Maharaji had to tell him that some of the older people thought 18 was a very young age. Oh, well. All I did was chuckle a bit that the fellow thought he had seen so much of life at 18.

You see Maharaji doesn’t give the knowledge to anyone under 18 and that was partly what the young man was discussing, that he had tried to receive the knowledge when he was younger.

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Entry for January 25, 2009

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I had a friend in school when I was growing up. I met him in the 4th grade. One of his friends who was also in our class was one of the smartest in our class. I started out walking with him on the way home. He couldn’t walk all the way home with me though. I was also very fond of a girl in 4th grade. She was a tall girl with a southern accent and braces. I gave her a heart of candy for Valentines Day that year.

I could have rejected my new friend because he was a plump fellow. His smart friend was thin and tall. I once said he would look good as a woman and he immediately interpreted this as my being homosexual. His sexual preferences were quickly defended thusly and what the hell if he had called me a fag in the process. We also disagreed about Elvis and Sinatra. Ol’ Chip though Sinatra sang better than El. Nobody sang better than Elvis to me.

So, I began walking with the plump fellow who was a bit weird about some things. He had a sort of gory prediliction. Maybe he wanted to be a doctor or something but he was very interested in the blood and body. It didn’t offend me though, just not my favorite stuff, like a guy who liked biology more than history. History was more my thing as I was fascinated by the wars, the Civil War and World War II. You may think that typical of a little boy but that’s a stereotype. Boys actually have a diverse index of interests.

I was 9 years old. That must have been 1962.

I was friends with Glenn until the 7th Grade when puberty arose in a way that caused both of us some difficulty.

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Entry for January 24, 2009

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They changed that damn page at Bank of America and I couldn’t get my payment in on time because of it.


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Entry for January 23, 2009

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Have you ever seen Last Exit to Brooklyn. It stars Jennifer Jason Leigh.

She plays a prostitute but there is an interesting subplot involving a gay boy. He’s killed by his big brother.

Can you imagine that? Being killed by your big brother?

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Entry for January 23, 2009

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Well, over the chess thing now.

Bought a download of Beyonce album, Shasha Fierce. I was impressed with a SNL episode I saw on TNT where she sang, “If I were a boy.”

I downloaded “boy” and then “I’m a Single Lady” which I think she also sang on SNL. She sure did look great.

Later thinking about downloading the video, I downloaded the rest of the album.

It’s a great album. I just love the album. It reminds me of going to school in Hawthorne after it had been desegregated. I remember the beautiful black girls I fantasized about going out with.

And some of the songs remind me of mom somehow. One is about woman as hero. A very nice song that wonders who a woman can turn to after she saves the world.

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Entry for January 20, 2009

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I’m just playing chess with Vista’s Chess Titans and I remember my brother, an airmen first class in the Air Force. He took great joy in winning at chess.

The Airman never helped me write a paper or do algebra, geometry or science but he could beat the shit out of me at chess. Maybe it was help in psychology because I could feel my ego deflate every time I was satisfied with a move and he would take my queen.

He didn’t go to Vietnam though he was a Vietnam Era vet. He just came home to little brother and fucked with his head. He got out of the service before Vietnam got too hot, 1966. He was smart enough to do that. No questioning his brain. He even taught me some hand to hand one night and kept me from breathing for a moment or two. Of course it wasn’t a class in hand to hand combat it was just a fight over a dog.

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