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Entry for January 01, 2009

I’m watching Cheyenne on Encore Westerns.

My brother Bill and I loved Cheyenne. It was our favorite show when I was just a boy.

The years say 1955 and 56 but I would have only been 2 or 3 years old then.

I’m up to 27 episodes now. They are showing him all of New Years Day.

God did you see what happened to Penn State today?

Well, that’s too bad for Joe Pa but hell USC is on it home turf out there. I think maybe they fell into that “vacationing” sensibility that a trip to California might give a bunch of Pennsylvanians.

Westerns seem to be coming on strong for me lately. There was How the West Was Won the other day. I saw that when I was a kid. In fact my public school took us to see it. It was in some special place, can’t remember, was it Westbury? I don’t think so. Oh, darn. I’m thinking now it was somewhere near the college Kings Parkers eventually went to after graduating high school but my elder siblings didn’t go to college so I wouldn’t know where that would be. There is a State University of New York in Stony Brook, but my nephews who were KPers 16 years after me went to Hofstra.

What was the name of that town and that theater? I think it started with an M.

Anyway we saw How the West Was Won, a 4 hour movie about America’s expansion westward. I started to watch a little but I got tired and went to bed.

I went to the library yesterday on my daily tour to Gainesville. I read a little bit of Schopenhauer. I also had a book on Nietsche but it smelled kind of bad and I’m not a big fan of his anyway. Schopenhauer was kind of interesting. The worst thing in the world, he said, was boredom. Man spends a lot of his life either satisfying his needs or in distractions that will destroy his boredom. Schopenhauer. I brought it home to read but he doesn’t seem to fit in well with Kabir and Lalleshwari. Oh, I read a bit of Lalli last week and Mirabai. Mirabai was all about mourning, signifacant to me since my mom died 2 years ago this month. She mourned the disappearance of Hari. Lalli was all about oneness with her Guru. She discovered that she and Gurunath were the same and soon after that that they were both Paramamashiva. It was nice. One of her poems. 2 books of poetry that SYDA offers.

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