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Entry for January 13, 2009

I’ve had pneumonia recently. I’m just getting over it. It’s my second time since September with the cold. thank God for antibiotics. They give them for free at Publix.

The worst thing about it has been the cough. Last time I didn’t get any cough medicine. It didn’t seem like the cough was so bad when I was at the doctor’s office so I failed to remember it. Later the cough came on. I should have called them but I am still kind of shy about the doctor’s even though I’ve been going there for many years. It’s a clinic, you see and has a clinical feel to it. Information is what is foremost. It makes me think about this integrative medicine. I’m only thinking about my not having a job. I’m sure that has a lot to do with my poor health and the lack of compatriots and good fun, including sex. Integrative medicine is about treating the whole person.

I’ve just learned my favorite meat substitute product, veat, is no longer being produced thanks to an inability to import some key ingredient. Van’s has sold out its last supply of the product.


I took the Siddha Yoga Audio Satsang, A Sweet Surprise.

I’ve been rationalizing about the meaning of A Sweet Surprise and doing my best to reign in my mind. I have so many needs.

I enjoyed the satsang for the most part. I did have some difficult with anger coming up. You know I don’t associate with Siddha Yoga much any more. I buy things like sandalwood statues of the goddesses or a small stone lingam or little candle holders for my votive candles. I light a candle in front of Mayi’s picture. I’ve bought some books that I just can’t get to read, Kabir’s poetry is one of them, but it’s personalities I associate with Siddha Yoga that bother me. Like the song used to say, I know, it’s “rough all over,” but I am not so sure that excuses some of the meaness that I’ve encountered at the meditaion center or beyond.

I’m getting Maharaji’s Peace Flix, at a little over $20 a month. I get 2 disks of his talks. It’s sort of like the old DARSHAN series, though I think DARSHAN was a bit more expensive, $360 for 6 months is what my memory is saying. A very little community there in Siddha Yoga. Maharaji’s seems to be larger. I get a lot of e-mails about events like DVD showings and knowledge sessions and when he came to G’ville he brought out a pretty good crowd, filling all the seats at the Phillips Center when he was here last Fall.

Mayi spoke at this satsang this year. It is the first time I have heard her speak more than the message since 2004. She has been quite silent.

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