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Entry for January 18, 2009

Life is so full of contradictions. I took the Siddha Yoga satsang for New Years 2009 and I get Maharaji’s Peace Flix.

Mayi wants us to have a 9 minute meditation on OM every day. That meditation can take any form, singing, journaling – as they say, or whatever.

Maharaji likes to see some effort with the knowledge. In the Keys process he wanted us to watch the videos for one hour a day. Oh, that was just wonderful! I loved that, but doing the knowledge, the fourfold technique that Maharaji teaches, is a lot more difficult than watching video. Although I am grateful for getting the knowledge I can’t agree that it is so easy to do, especially not for one hour a day. I’ve gotten into a 20 minute thing using a Ensa clock that gives me a gong at the end of every 5. But I can’t do it every day. I know he appreciates whatever I can do.

And today, I just felt like it was not going anywhere and that my loyalties were in question. I need money and I wonder if no one is forthcoming, either in the form of gifts or loans from family or in the form of a job from my fellow Americans, because I’m so unlike them. I don’t eat meat. I don’t worship Jesus. So tonight I bought some hot dogs.

I used to get this way when mom was alive. It didn’t seem to make much difference that I was vegetarian. It doesn’t make me friends apparently. Tonight I thought I heard a fellow mention SADHANA after I had bought the packs of Nathan’s Beef Franks. A bisexual friend, acquaintance mentioned he had a wife named Donna. I’m wondering if he was really just introducing the conflict of bisexuality and spiritual sadhana and married to a Donna makes it kind of funny because you know you hear from a lot of women in sadhana and they sound just like wives and in the end you feel like you have made just about as much progress. Nothing seems very for real. We’re told to be thankful for what we have and that we don’t really know what that is. When we question the masters about this experience, thinking it should be more supernatural or psychedelic as Ram Dass compared spiritual experience to tripping, and we say something like nothing is happening, they say but we are happy aren’t we and if we aren’t happy then try something else. Tonight it occurred to me again how much it is just like church. It’s like a Hippie Puritanism, nobody having sex, nobody having fun, all the austerity and chanting, etc.

So, I end up with meat. I have some mustard and sauerkraut and buns. I was eating the Yves hot dogs. These will taste better. I used to like some Deli style dogs that Morningstar Farms made but all my pseudo meats are being phased out looks like. I remember a number of burgers I liked. One was called the Diner Burger. I forgot who made it. I used to have it with a pickle and ketchup, maybe a slice of onion, but it was phased out. I saw Cate Blanchett on Leno the other night and she mentioned that she liked to eat just condiments. Condiments are often delicious feature of some of our mainstay appetizers , like our hot dogs and hamburgers but if you are vegetarian you may want to pay some special attention to them. Those Deli Hot Dogs went well with some hot mustard and the Diner Burgers were great with Bread and Butter pickles.

I had gone to the store just to get a pot that would fit my sour cereal. I made part of my sour cereal recipe a bit supersized. I usually use just one onion and one tomato but today I chopped up 2 large tomatoes and one and a half Bermuda onions so I had to get a pot that would fit the recipe as it ultimately would exist. I will need to put in a little more of everything.

I have my recipe for sour cereal at Sulekha.com if you would like to look. Don’t forget the salt in this recipe. I use sea salt.

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