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Entry for January 20, 2009


I’m just playing chess with Vista’s Chess Titans and I remember my brother, an airmen first class in the Air Force. He took great joy in winning at chess.

The Airman never helped me write a paper or do algebra, geometry or science but he could beat the shit out of me at chess. Maybe it was help in psychology because I could feel my ego deflate every time I was satisfied with a move and he would take my queen.

He didn’t go to Vietnam though he was a Vietnam Era vet. He just came home to little brother and fucked with his head. He got out of the service before Vietnam got too hot, 1966. He was smart enough to do that. No questioning his brain. He even taught me some hand to hand one night and kept me from breathing for a moment or two. Of course it wasn’t a class in hand to hand combat it was just a fight over a dog.

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