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Entry for January 25, 2009

I had a friend in school when I was growing up. I met him in the 4th grade. One of his friends who was also in our class was one of the smartest in our class. I started out walking with him on the way home. He couldn’t walk all the way home with me though. I was also very fond of a girl in 4th grade. She was a tall girl with a southern accent and braces. I gave her a heart of candy for Valentines Day that year.

I could have rejected my new friend because he was a plump fellow. His smart friend was thin and tall. I once said he would look good as a woman and he immediately interpreted this as my being homosexual. His sexual preferences were quickly defended thusly and what the hell if he had called me a fag in the process. We also disagreed about Elvis and Sinatra. Ol’ Chip though Sinatra sang better than El. Nobody sang better than Elvis to me.

So, I began walking with the plump fellow who was a bit weird about some things. He had a sort of gory prediliction. Maybe he wanted to be a doctor or something but he was very interested in the blood and body. It didn’t offend me though, just not my favorite stuff, like a guy who liked biology more than history. History was more my thing as I was fascinated by the wars, the Civil War and World War II. You may think that typical of a little boy but that’s a stereotype. Boys actually have a diverse index of interests.

I was 9 years old. That must have been 1962.

I was friends with Glenn until the 7th Grade when puberty arose in a way that caused both of us some difficulty.

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