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Entry for January 31, 2009

Yesterday I put my Tobi together. Today I tried it. It’s a device I saw advertised on TV that claims to remove wrinkles easily.

I really don’t like it! If I could instead find someone who could teach me how to iron my clothes I’m sure I would prefer that.

The thing is all shaky and waffly. It’s nothing like what you see on TV.

I’m lucky I know how to wash and dry my clothes. My washer is the devil as it has a broken hose and I really should get someone out here to fix it but I don’t.

So, I have to clean up pools of water after washing with a wet/dry vac I bought.

This Tobi thing I thought was an answer for all the wrinkled items that I don’t get to hang up after washing. I leave them in the hampers and they wrinkle. But this Tobi is no solution it appears to me. They have to be hung on hangers and the hangers have no slot or anything to slide into to keep them still and let you work on the material, the shirt or pants that are on the hanger. The hangers spins all over the place and you can’t keep the material still. And I think it was fairly expensive. Maybe I can sell it on Ebay.


I would send it back if there was a money back guarantee.

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