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Entry for February 26, 2009

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I was making one of my dishes with Quorn. I used peppers and onions. I chopped up some garlic, I added the marinara and I got the cheese out. But I lost the cheese.

It was a nice piece of Fontinella. I’m sure it’s in my kitchen, dining room area but if you happen to find it let me know.

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Entry for February 21, 2009

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I’m having trouble on my computers. I have 2 others besides my laptop.
I bought one from Ebay. It had an 80 GB Hard Drive and I thought I could put XP Pro on the there and it would work terrific. I have some problems with the wireless networking. I have now inserted a cable that is connected to my router.

Best I can do.

Boy, I hope a job comes up. Should I go to church and pray for one? Is that the deal or is that just my conditioning telling me that? Should I believe in the conditioned mind. The self-actualized person breaks free from that. Going to church can also seem like conniving, like I believe if …
Who’s going to believe? And the only suit I have is black.

I need a job, I need a job, I need a job!

Shree Krishna Govinda Hare Murare He Natha Narayanna Vasudeva.

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Entry for February 20, 2009

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To the working man Henry David Thoreau was a dirty dog.

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Entry for February 18, 2009

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I bought a new version of the Ramayana.

Did you know that in various versions of the Ramayana, Rama either stays with Sita and forgives her for being kidnapped by Rama or he becomes jealous of Sita because he thinks she did not do enough to escape from Ravana.

My God, Rama jealous of Ravana. Kind of hits home. I had a friend who never slept with me nor anything the like who went with this guy for 4 years and I had a falling out with him, partly over her. He wasn’t much of a free love guy unless it was free love just for him.

But I had never heard that their were variations in the Ramayana before.

This Ramayana is by R.K. Narayanan and it is subtitled a Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic. I’ve been wishing they (the Hollywood Moguls) would make a movie of it. I think it’s unfair all the attention to Jesus and none to India. Anyway, although I have read so many things about Ram I have a hard time reading the Ramayana. I guess like Shakespeare one needs teachers and classes, etc., breaking it down into smaller and more appreciable pieces where deeper minds have found significance. In one of the stories of Indian saints in a book by the same name it is said that one utterance of Ram’s name is enough to wash away all of one’s sins.

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Entry for February 18, 2009

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I saw Gran Torino last week. Everybody loves it but I was a little disappointed. The veteran thing again.

I’m not a veteran. I did participate in the lottery but I wasn’t drafted. Lucky me.

I wonder what the average pay of a veteran is against the average pay of a 2 year community college student. I’ll bet he beats the shit out of him. Everybody loves the stinking veterans of our armed services and this had nothing to do with serving in combat. Just wear the stinking uniform and business is in love. They think vets are so damn good at taking orders.

So, nothing in Gran Torino speaks to my experience very much. I had an uncle who served in WWII and I saw very much his personality in the movie, but my uncle is a lot older than Clint Eastwood and couldn’t do the kind of shit Eastwood did in ths movie. Eastwood? Isn’t he Dylan? But I haven’t seen him do anything very hippie since Play Misty for Me. He was a hip DJ in that suspected by police, not their best friend like apparently he is now.

But it was a well made film I’ll give you that. I resisted it from the beginning when I saw it was about a war veteran, the Korean War in this instance, and full of racist remarks aimed at asians and the rest, blacks – who were hoodlums – and I think Mexicans.

It was good getting out to the movies.

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Entry for February 11, 2009

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I’m posting from the Gainesville Public Library today.

I’ve been getting out and staying out lately. I used to do it in college. Out all day and sometimes all night, gone from home for days sometime. I used to take off and hitch to far off places.

Yesterday I went to St. Augustine Beach. It was a kick. I didn’t see that fort my mom used to visit when she was brought down there or the little shrimp place but they have a beautiful beach down there. Unfortunately my camera battery went down while I was there and I only have a few pictures.

I guess I’ll upload what I have to Flickr when I can.

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Entry for February 08, 2009

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Summers warns …

Obama’s team of zombies.

Moving the center left.

I must say I think Summers is right in what he says about the infrastructure. Please remember Bush’s stimulus packages. They did practically nothing and the Republicans continuously denied we were in a recession.

Did you know there are no Iraq war opponents on Obama’s national security team?

He has retained Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense who replaced Donald Rumsfeld. If my memory serves, Gates was who Bush appointed head of the CIA when there was some rebellion within over Cheney’s cherry picking of intelligence, Joe Wilson’s report on the non-existence of a purchase of Yellow Cake uranium from an African nation and his wife’s outing by Robert Novak. According to one article Gates was appointed to suppress any speaking out.

I can’t remember the Defense Secretary under Clinton. Who was it?

That’s might bipartisan Obama has been with his cabinet. Perhaps with the GOP balking at his stimulus package and insisting on cutbacks that would deny money to infrastructure (didn’t we screw infrastructure in Iraq?) he should fire some of those Republicans in the cabinet, some of those pro-Iraq members of the National Security team and hire some anti-Iraq Democrats.

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