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Entry for February 04, 2009

One of my best friends when I was growing up was a short, redheaded boy who loved baseball and other sports.

I hear everyone talking about their cable TV. I have satellite. Not a person is willing to change from their cable to satellite and get me a $50 discount on my bill. You know, the 50/50 thing.

They don’t even share TV shows with me. They don’t watch the same shows and they don’t like the same shows as me. That’s family today.

All the kids around my block loved Laugh-In and later on, The Monkees whose show used a lot of the same techniques and there was Man From U.N.C.L.E and Mission Impossible and I think even I Spy. All those shows when we were 13 and 14 years old.

We were all very fond of sharing the events of each episode of our favorite shows.

Now everyone is quite fond of fighting TV. The proudest are those who watch no TV at all and yet you do hear about the High Definition and the satellite connections when you pick up the news.

I am always surprised to learn that it’s true that people are watching cable or even until now the antenna. I would presume those people save a lot of money as my satellite, the premium, has cost over a hundred a month for quite a while. With a sports subscription it’s $150.

Of course if I were smoking dope and living with naked ladies I guess I would be writing poetry or something instead of watching.

I don’t resent that I was removed from the doping circles to live with my Wallace loving old man and mom. No. Actually what I don’t resent is watching all this TV. I saw all those videotape rental places spring up in the 80’s with the invention of the VCR and I didn’t have a VCR. No. I didn’t have a VCR until I required one to view Gurumayi’s video series, DARSHAN. That was after my father died in 1992. He never saw a videotape. I visited Shree Muktananda Ashram that year and I believe I started the video series sometime thereafter.

A lady on the block had one of those big satellite dishes. They were popping up all over in the late 70’s and the 80’s. I read about the small dish in Newsweek magazine. Mom found a young man at Lowe’s in town who was willing to install the dish for us. I actually became jealous of this fellow as he was so capable and supporting himself and he related well to my mom and her pocketbook. He did things cheap. I just wanted things so bad and I wanted them immediately.

It was for that reason that one weekend when the satellite went out I couldn’t wait until after the weekend to watch TV and with the LNB out I cost mom $400 to get it replaced and the satellite dish put in another place. The guy’s name is unimportant but he was a friend of the fellow who did everything on the cheap. He was very expensive and came to us from Ocala, Fl and worked just a couple of hours. His time was very expensive though.

Yes, I often let mom down like a little child. Mom and myself, I suppose.

She allowed me to forget those things though and enjoy the moment. I surely enjoyed watching TV with mom all these years, these last couple of decades of her life.

She had a favorite old rerun, Golden Girls. She also liked to watch old All in the Family episodes. She liked a serious movie too, though, like “A River Runs Through It.” Not one of my favorites but depends on my mood. She liked Chrisitian shows like Touched by an Angel. She was big on Angels as a matter of fact.

One great poet that the Siddha Path taught me about said the worlds are literally encrusted with angels. I think it was Angelus Silesius, but I can’t find the specific quote on the Net.

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