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Entry for February 06, 2009

Something strange. I had to go to the courthouse, or at least I thought I did to get the deed to the house corrected and this woman went vicious with me about it. She told me, she said, that I had to do it myself or get my lawyer to do it.

I actually didn’t know who I was writing to at the Property Appraiser’s office. I certainly didn’t suspect it was this bitter old biddy. She barked out, ” I told you sir!” and finally I barked back, “Thank you ma’am, and FUCK YOU!”

What did I do? I just thought the deed could be corrected there. She certainly wasn’t clear about it. First I was robbed of the homestead exemption for this year and now there is some kind of error on the deed. It’s hard to understand. Mom paid her taxes every year until she died in 2007. Was there an error on the deed then?

I thought it may be work for Mitzi, my lawyer, but I e-mailed her today and it doesn’t seem to be.

It had the effect of an attack by the right wing. Like a Sarah Palin devotee just had to fuck with an Obama voter. I supported Hillary which just might have been even worse to them.

Then today I went to Ward’s and some cashiers were wearing buttons. First I thought, how nice, they’ve made buttons praising their store, which I like because it is a small grocery store where you can get fresh vegetables, fruits and organic products in another section. The supervisor of the organic section used to have an organic produce store in Melrose. Mom met him and learned his name. That was back in the golden days of silence. Nobody talked to anybody back then. He was a nice fellow though and the store was a quality place. He had some really beautiful women working for him. His wife was very attractive too. They divorced in the 90’s, unfortunately. His name was Russ and hers was Lucky. My aunt made a joke of it when mom shared this piece of information with her, singing that old country-western song by Kenny Rogers, You Took a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille.

Lucy was and is still involved in her own business involving natural child birth. She’s a midwife.

Well, these buttons weren’t so nice to me, they were about opposing unionization. Everything I know about unions has come from history books and they in general have been pretty kind to them. Businesses don’t like unions though. My farmer uncle hated the farmworkers union that forced him to pay his hands more than he liked to. I’ll bet there were rules about how he could treat those people, too, which for the most part were black.

My daddy, bless his pea pickin’ heart, was never a part of the unions. He was management, at least that’s what he told his little cootsy woo, our humble self, when he wanted to make ugly sounds about unions, but I learned much later on that he was a paying member of the MBA of Rail Transportation Employees. What was management in a big corporation like the Pennsylvania Railroad? Certainly not the Master Mechanic in one of its yards on Long Island.

I’m sure the executives in the PRR in those days would have been happy to say it was their stock holders as many say today. This is why they claim that cutting taxes for these big corporations will stimulate the economy. They claim these tax breaks will turn into jobs. I haven’t seen that happen yet and there are no strings attached to the tax breaks. They do not have to be used to create work.

There have been many complaints, made most famous by Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show that the union job is overpaid and generally pointless. I haven’t seen much research on those facts. In general Johnny knew he had to be well dressed to deliver his late night comedy routing, but there is more defense of Johnny’s great wardrobe than there is of a job that restricted to do just one thing and nothing else. That was often the principle behind the criticism, that employees could not be used in a variety of ways, a union carpenter can only be used to do carpentry work and not anything else.

Myself, I’ve applied to Ward’s for work and never gotten any reply. I feel the work is probably beneath me. I am over qualified as those who do not want to hire me like to say. I have this Certificate in Business Data Processing and no experience in supermarkets though I did do some bagging back in 1976 or seven and some stocking in the back. But it was only for a couple of weeks as seems to be the usual routine for me. I was fired because I took a tip and tips were forbidden at Skaggs-Albertsons.

I was real queer back then and not knowing what to do about it. There were also a lot of women’s issues where I supported the women. Altogether, it was emotionally straining but noboy’s emotions mattered much but old daddy’s. He was a victim of character assasination, you see.

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