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Entry for February 08, 2009

Summers warns …

Obama’s team of zombies.

Moving the center left.

I must say I think Summers is right in what he says about the infrastructure. Please remember Bush’s stimulus packages. They did practically nothing and the Republicans continuously denied we were in a recession.

Did you know there are no Iraq war opponents on Obama’s national security team?

He has retained Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense who replaced Donald Rumsfeld. If my memory serves, Gates was who Bush appointed head of the CIA when there was some rebellion within over Cheney’s cherry picking of intelligence, Joe Wilson’s report on the non-existence of a purchase of Yellow Cake uranium from an African nation and his wife’s outing by Robert Novak. According to one article Gates was appointed to suppress any speaking out.

I can’t remember the Defense Secretary under Clinton. Who was it?

That’s might bipartisan Obama has been with his cabinet. Perhaps with the GOP balking at his stimulus package and insisting on cutbacks that would deny money to infrastructure (didn’t we screw infrastructure in Iraq?) he should fire some of those Republicans in the cabinet, some of those pro-Iraq members of the National Security team and hire some anti-Iraq Democrats.

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