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Entry for February 18, 2009

I saw Gran Torino last week. Everybody loves it but I was a little disappointed. The veteran thing again.

I’m not a veteran. I did participate in the lottery but I wasn’t drafted. Lucky me.

I wonder what the average pay of a veteran is against the average pay of a 2 year community college student. I’ll bet he beats the shit out of him. Everybody loves the stinking veterans of our armed services and this had nothing to do with serving in combat. Just wear the stinking uniform and business is in love. They think vets are so damn good at taking orders.

So, nothing in Gran Torino speaks to my experience very much. I had an uncle who served in WWII and I saw very much his personality in the movie, but my uncle is a lot older than Clint Eastwood and couldn’t do the kind of shit Eastwood did in ths movie. Eastwood? Isn’t he Dylan? But I haven’t seen him do anything very hippie since Play Misty for Me. He was a hip DJ in that suspected by police, not their best friend like apparently he is now.

But it was a well made film I’ll give you that. I resisted it from the beginning when I saw it was about a war veteran, the Korean War in this instance, and full of racist remarks aimed at asians and the rest, blacks – who were hoodlums – and I think Mexicans.

It was good getting out to the movies.

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