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Entry for February 18, 2009

I bought a new version of the Ramayana.

Did you know that in various versions of the Ramayana, Rama either stays with Sita and forgives her for being kidnapped by Rama or he becomes jealous of Sita because he thinks she did not do enough to escape from Ravana.

My God, Rama jealous of Ravana. Kind of hits home. I had a friend who never slept with me nor anything the like who went with this guy for 4 years and I had a falling out with him, partly over her. He wasn’t much of a free love guy unless it was free love just for him.

But I had never heard that their were variations in the Ramayana before.

This Ramayana is by R.K. Narayanan and it is subtitled a Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic. I’ve been wishing they (the Hollywood Moguls) would make a movie of it. I think it’s unfair all the attention to Jesus and none to India. Anyway, although I have read so many things about Ram I have a hard time reading the Ramayana. I guess like Shakespeare one needs teachers and classes, etc., breaking it down into smaller and more appreciable pieces where deeper minds have found significance. In one of the stories of Indian saints in a book by the same name it is said that one utterance of Ram’s name is enough to wash away all of one’s sins.

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