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Entry for March 21, 2009

The way my brother speaks to me is like “I have met your family and I like them.”

Relating to really important people like my Uncle Al, it’s like, “I’ve known your uncle for many years and I have the deepest respect for him.”

It reminds me, indeed, when I was a young man and confused about love for girls, I wrote on the side of a desk in the house, with magic marker, an old habit from my days as a 5 year old, something like Eddie loved John. John had put that desk together. The old man was too tired and John was big enough. He did a poor job on the shellac or whatever the wood is covered with to make it shine, but it was all passable.

Don’t know why I loved John. I actually loved Andrea Bruno and Sharon Bond. They sat in front of me in algebra in 7th grade. I once called Sharon and played Elvis for her. I had heard her say something about Simon and Garfunkel who were very popular in that day. Sounds of Silence was number 1, then. I said hello, and played Such a Night. She still didn’t know it was me. I believe I did say my name eventually but she wasn’t listening anymore. I guess she just hated Elvis. Somehow, the sight of Andrea’s father’s name in the phone book so scared me that I never called her. She had black hair. Sharon had brown hair. They both had beautiful figures.

So, I wonder if it is some kind of sick comedy. I’ve seen enough of that on SNL and SEC TV, the unkown comic and the Gong Show. John changed his name when he was 20, from Connolly to Bryan. It took the Irish away, I think. Connolly is an Irish name and Bryan is not really. Bryan is a southern name.

My Irish Aunt Marguerite said once that John and I looked alike. It’s hard to see. It just isn’t true. I wonder if that was when he had “changed his name to mine.” Of course he wouldn’t believe in Gay marriage unless it was a good joke on me, one that may lead to my violent death. That would be a good joke. Just like Markie.

Markie, boy does he look the Navy. When you hear that Billy Joel song, “and he’s talking to Davy who’s still in the Navy and probably will be for life,” I think of him, but he showed me a picture of himself in a Marine uniform and I think he might have said his fathe was a Marine.

There’s a big Navy shipyard up in Jacksonville and Markie came to Florida from Maryland. I think of Annapolis. He was put in a military academy at one time when he was young. I don’t know why he refers therefore to youth as being idyllic. Whenever he mentioned it I told him I didn’t think my youth was idyllic. It’s often put that way in school though. It could have been his girl friend who went to a different school by the way, the big university instead of the small community college, might have known the world that way. Childhood as an idyllic period in a person’s life and indeed many arguments are made that way, but although there no longer is child labor there is still an awful lot of work and disappointment in children’s lives.

Gee, that almost speaks to my vote for Hillary Clinton in the Florida Coutend Only Half Primary. I also gave her a lot of money, about as much as I spent to have my plumbing fixed last month, and all in credit. You might think a “big brother” or “family” would come to the rescue on those things, but it hasn’t been so. I also seem to be stuck on my food stamp form at the Florida Department of Children and Families website. I took out a life insurance policy and the form wants to know about it. Chiefly, FDCF wants the policy number, but I don’t know where I left the policy and it is automatically debited on my credit card. Maybe I can call that number on the credit card website that tells me who debited the money. Now, that’s work if you ask me.

I thnk I could get about $150 in food stamps. Last time I did the food stamp thing I got stuck when they returned a form and wanted me to make a call concerning any support from family members. I failed to make the call. I thought I could send documents to their address confirming my debt and that no one was helping me but it came down to the phone call was absolute. There was nothing but making that phone call. I have myself a little bit of phonophobia. I get a lot of calls I don’t want or need. Mom did too and she was constantly checking her Caller I.D. It’s almost like the subconscious is knocking on that door. Remember when the school nurse used to call to find out why you were not in school. Obviously the only reason was because you were sick but they had to find out from the parent and if you, the child, answered that phone call you were in big trouble. They don’t accept the words of children.

Sadgurunath Maharaj ki jay.

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