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Entry for April 04, 2009

I was thinking today of my friends’ older brothers. They are very different from mine and yet the same in some ways. My friend Tom has an older brother who is 4 or 5 years older than him. He’s a big intellectual who now teaches at a local community college. His name is Reed. Tom is not very dim himself. And then Jack had 4 big brothers, I think and a big and little sister. There was Steve, Charlie, Sam, Phoebe and Connie. So just 2 big brothers. Steve and Charlie were in the Air Force if I remember correctly and they went on to graduate college, I think. Steve married a woman from Denmark and has one son. Charlie is now a minister and has two kids. They are both up around the 70 mark now, I think. Sam is divorced and had one son from that marriage. Sam’s wife’s brother Frank became one of our doper friends in the 70’s. He was a dealer and got busted once. He really like mushrooms and Uriah Heep.

Jack and Tom’s brothers were a suitable replacement for the brothers I left behind in N.Y. There were also teachers whose maturity substituted well for not only my brothers but my sister, her husband and kids and my aunt and uncle. I left them all back in N.Y. when I had to move to Florida. I had cousins down here to substitute. I also left some friends back in old N.Y.

It almost seemed like I was going away to college except I was with my parents.

My brothers were not really so educated as the Collinses and Ellises and although I though my sister had gone to college she really had not. She did read voraciously though. She named her first girl after a character in Great Expectations, Camilla. Camilla in Dickens’ novel is an old maid waiting for the groom who left her at the alter. Let us hope in these modern times Camilla can avoid such a fate.

I’m going back to school now. I’m going to study computer forensics. I think it is criminal computer forensics but it seems with all these things I am learning I drop the distasteful firs adjective like in business data processing. It’s not so important that the data you process be business data, really. Not to me. Maybe to businesses looking to hire, but how is one to know where their data processing skills might be of value? And so with computer forensics. I don’t like to paint nasty pictures of dastardly narcotics agents busting up loving pot farms and so forth.

I was happy to hear about Iowa today in the newspaper although I hate the newspaper. I wish there were something more fun to do than read the God Damned Newspaper.

My family did not create the happy scene that was the 70’s for me. It was society. Except for Richard Nixon, the 70’s could have been a very nice decade.

I’ve had more wonderful realizations today as I drove into and out of town playing Mahalakshmastakam Stotram. Maybe I’ll get them down on the screen SOON. I hope so.

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