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Entry for May 12, 2009

There was a teacher who was very popular when I went to elementary school. He took a bright and popular boy to Miami with him in the summertime. It turned out to be the same boy for a number of years.
It changed one year, the year that I was in his grade but not in his class, the 5th grade.
The boy he took with him on vacation was not a bright boy but he was very good in sports.
He chose that boy to go to Miami with and the boy came back saying the teacher had touched him in a personal place. The teacher committed suicide shortly thereafter.

I have 3 older siblings. They went to schools called P.S. something or other but they never talked about those schools with me. I guess the pressure was on for them to succeed at whatever they were doing and they didn’t have time or inclination. Whether something similar happened at their schools I will never know. They will never tell. That’s just the way it is.

I understand psychiatrists discuss events from childhood with their patients sometimes for many years. They think the events of our childhood are very important. Ordinary people, on the other hand, appear to do their best to lock those experiences away.

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