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Entry for May 20, 2009

When I decided to go back to school I e-mailed Denise Remer who told me to re-read the student code. It had been updated she said.

It’s like they are teaching high school or something and trying to control a high crime district like Harlem or Bedford Sty. Like they got a lot of tough kids to control over there. Not cognizant at all of the older students. Is that deliberate? The closest thing to being aware of older students was a note in Pace, the newspaper produced once every term I think, or was it in the Sun of a woman going to school whose husband had cancer. She too developed cancer. Yes, how sad.

They fired a nice teacher, a black man named Richard Napier, while I was there.

I remember the firing of Hank Gooch, a very popular teacher who dared to have his students find comfort in their own body by having a nude class. Well, he was just suspended and had to apologize as I remember, just like me. Some student was offended by Hank’s nude class. Probably a neocon or christian fundamentalist.

I remember a teacher they fired because he taught Marxist theory. They went out and hired a South Korean Marxist who couldn’t speak English. Oh, boy, what a great advance for students in political science. The South Korean Marxist was replaced by, guess what, a county commissioner. Oh, boy, what a revolution!!!

I am just wondering if they saw me coming. Did Remer spread the word?
“Here comes that sucker again. RED ALERT. RED ALERT.”

There was another incident in that Intro to the Internet class that I forgot. A chick taking the class down south somewhere e-mailed me a nudie. I exchanged e-mails with her. I thought they were private but the chick complained that her Ex was a computer wizard wanted by the FBI and he sent me the photo. FUNNY! She had other large stories like people working with Bob Dylan and so forth. Or was it just on his tour? I told the teacher. I shouldn’t have done that. She was a former kindergarten teacher so she really knew what was called for. Gimme the Gum! She wanted all the e-mails, photographs or whatever that “exchanged hands.” Of course there are no hands on the Internet except the famous handshake with the ISP. It’s all machines and codes.

Speaking of the student code, do you know what it really is? Work hard and don’t get paid!

Someone in the office of News and Journalism where I worked as a student suggested the school guarantee a job after school. Wouldn’t that be nice?

All the while I am wondering where did all my friends go?

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