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Entry for May 27, 2009

I was updating my MLB information and I remembered playing those imaginary games in the yard. They were often called Mickey Mantle/Roger Maris but what they became were imaginary games between teams whose players we were familiar with.
I also remembered my life with baseball, playing in the Little League, not making the school teams. I was slow, a little overweight. I remember only one hit in my whole career. It was a home run that was really a single and three errors. I think the ump who was also my gym teacher helped me out just a little. My eyes tended to wander and I think he helped me focus a bit. The pitcher was a favorite and I guess I was not so he gave me a little help.
I made a great catch at the end of my little league career. I was a third baseman and I had to go back for a pop up, way back down the line and into the outfield. I could have lost focus on the ball with my plodding style of running. I was aware I was very slow and I was happy to have caught up with it . Then there was catching it, seeing the ball up in the air and sure I could catch it. It was rare to get opportunities in little league. There were a lot of strikeouts and few plays to the field. It was a happy moment for me. Some of my friends from around the block were there.

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