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Does anyone know where there is a job for a college educated 56 year old male? I do not have a B.A. just an A.A. but I have a Certificate in Business Data Processing.
Are you considering putting your business on the Net, taking orders there, or do you need some computer supervision?

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Turning into a Shit Day

June 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Today is Gurumayi’s Birthday. I’ve followed her for years BUT I HAVE NEVER DONE ANY SEVA.
So that’s a big deal at the website today.
I also have gotten involved with Prem Rawat, a.k.a Guru Maharaji. You remember him from the 1970’s when he was just a kid.
I got knowledge from him. Maybe it’s because I did the knowledge today that I see this big Seva thing. I think they all want their own special disciples who serve only them.
Maharaji doen’t care for the last part of the Siddha Yoga saying, God lives in you as you. God lives in you indeed, but not as you, he says.
Today is not his birthday though.
I attended the Siddha Meditation for years as I almost said and I have a lot of karma with it.
It’s almost a little more than an hour before the satsang and I’m not digging it. NOT DIGGING IT AT ALL!

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Daytona Beach

June 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I am applying for food stamps. I filled out a form online. It was long and kind of difficult as I had to look up vital information and in some instances I had to save the form until I could get the information from the pertinent institutions in the mail. I had to do this for some stocks I sold 3 years ago.

So, it is a kind of difficult thing but they promise to get back to you within 60 days.

Good God, isn’t that quite a while?

Well, that’s not enough. I don’t rush out and get my mail every day as soon as it gets here. The day that the form arrived telling me of a telephone appointment I slept all day. I had gotten to sleep at 5 or 6 in the morning. So the form said the deadline for my telephone interview was 4:00 P.M. that day, June 18th. Well, it was mailed from Daytona on the 16th.

I called the number anyway, the next morning at 8 ish.  Voicemail Full.

I was a little upset. I was a little angry but I decided I would go into Gainesville and find out what this was all about. I was told because of my zip code I had to be interviewed by someone in Daytona Beach. I don’t know how far Daytona Beach is from here, over 100 miles I am sure. Gainesville is just 20 miles and I could see someone face to face there but it couldn’t be done that way.

Tomorrow is Monday. I will have to call again tomorrow.

Aren’t you inspired by the wonderful mercy of our state government?

Entry for June 21, 2009

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Mayi’s birthday is June 24th. There’s a big celebration at the center near you.
Check out the slide show at the website.

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Entry for June 07, 2009

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It’s funny how people offer one thing to God, mentally,
and quite something else physically.

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Entry for June 07, 2009

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Check out my new friend.
Are you a SNOOPER?

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Entry for June 06, 2009

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When my mother had the stroke that took her life many people spoke of dementia.
Mom often sort of chatted while people were about. Even though nobody could listen she continued in her conversations.
It reminded me of chanting in those days. I chanted the Guru Gita and other texts often but I had little company in that. Mom didn’t chant but she chatted. She used to talk on the phone to a woman across town for like 3 or 4 hours a day. It was a woman with cancer.
Eventually they had a falling out over politics I think.
The other conversationalist was a Republican and mom and I Democrats.
Politics was important to me. I had 2 left leaning magazines, Mother Jones and The American Prospect. I was very eager in 2004 for Kerry to win. I don’t know how many years the conversations went on.
They had met at the Melrose Women’s Club.
Lately though I’ve been thinking in more technological terms. Mom couldn’t use a computer because she had severe arthritis. What if she was just kind of praying for a technology that let her talk into the computer. It would have to be pretty simple in Internet terms.
I know there are a lot of voice technology programs out there today but even now they are pretty imperfect.
Some people just disagree with what you have to say so much that you just go on talking. I could be like that even when I was young or especially when I was young. Maybe it was something she noticed and went with it.
We unfortunately forgot some car insurance the last year. I wanted to be in charge of all of that, you know, because I am UN EMPLOYED.

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