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Entry for June 06, 2009

When my mother had the stroke that took her life many people spoke of dementia.
Mom often sort of chatted while people were about. Even though nobody could listen she continued in her conversations.
It reminded me of chanting in those days. I chanted the Guru Gita and other texts often but I had little company in that. Mom didn’t chant but she chatted. She used to talk on the phone to a woman across town for like 3 or 4 hours a day. It was a woman with cancer.
Eventually they had a falling out over politics I think.
The other conversationalist was a Republican and mom and I Democrats.
Politics was important to me. I had 2 left leaning magazines, Mother Jones and The American Prospect. I was very eager in 2004 for Kerry to win. I don’t know how many years the conversations went on.
They had met at the Melrose Women’s Club.
Lately though I’ve been thinking in more technological terms. Mom couldn’t use a computer because she had severe arthritis. What if she was just kind of praying for a technology that let her talk into the computer. It would have to be pretty simple in Internet terms.
I know there are a lot of voice technology programs out there today but even now they are pretty imperfect.
Some people just disagree with what you have to say so much that you just go on talking. I could be like that even when I was young or especially when I was young. Maybe it was something she noticed and went with it.
We unfortunately forgot some car insurance the last year. I wanted to be in charge of all of that, you know, because I am UN EMPLOYED.

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