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Turning into a Shit Day

Today is Gurumayi’s Birthday. I’ve followed her for years BUT I HAVE NEVER DONE ANY SEVA.
So that’s a big deal at the website today.
I also have gotten involved with Prem Rawat, a.k.a Guru Maharaji. You remember him from the 1970’s when he was just a kid.
I got knowledge from him. Maybe it’s because I did the knowledge today that I see this big Seva thing. I think they all want their own special disciples who serve only them.
Maharaji doen’t care for the last part of the Siddha Yoga saying, God lives in you as you. God lives in you indeed, but not as you, he says.
Today is not his birthday though.
I attended the Siddha Meditation for years as I almost said and I have a lot of karma with it.
It’s almost a little more than an hour before the satsang and I’m not digging it. NOT DIGGING IT AT ALL!

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