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The 70’s and the 60’s

Everybody puts down the 70’s. I had my first sexual encounter in the 70’s, lost my virginity to the most beautiful girl. I smoked so much marijuana it would get you high just thining about it. I listened to all kinds of good music like the Allman Brothers, Dylan, The Beatles, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Leon Russel, Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter, Uriah Heap, Jethro Tull, Zep, The Who, The Rolling Stones and the list goes on …

I visited with beautiful women my own age, younger and older who didn’t wear bras and didn’t care if you saw their breasts or not. They were what was called in those days sexually liberated, before the word whore came into vogue to describe the sexually free.

I took psylicibin mushrooms in the 70’s. Moved away from N.Y. to Florida and experienced central air conditioning for the first time. I owned my first car in the 70’s albeit it was kind of a cheap bomb. I traveled to the Florida beaches on the coast and down in Miami.

I had other sexual adventures after my first in the 70’s. Inthe 70’s I went to college.

It was the 80’s and 90’s that were a bummer to me. In fact the start of the 21st Century hasn’t been too hot either. No sex, no friends, no drugs.

I was a kid in the 60’s. My step-brother used to come to the house after he moved out and take me into Brooklyn for Veal Parmigiana, visits to Coney Island and other joys. Money was hard to find for him but he managed to keep a convertible in nice shape, whether it was a ’54 Mercury, a 58 Impala (used), or a brand new ’65 Impala.

My uncle, a Polish American cab driver in Brooklyn, also had trouble with money but he managed to buy a motel in the Pocono Mountains and my setp-brother and I visited there in the Summer.

The 80’s found me stuck at home with my father and my mother. My father had skin cancer and couldn’t go out. Since I was a little boy I had never had so much of his presence. It wasn’t fun. When I was a kid he was always at work, thank God, and he only was with me to go fishin’ or huntin’. Those of course were learning experiences.

In the 90’s my father died and I got to visit in South Fallsburg, N.Y., the Shree Muktananda Ashram. Although I enjoyed the time with my mother in that decade I didn’t care for being unemployed for almost all of it.

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