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Naughty Amateur Videos don’t get no Gays

I wrote to Naughty Amateur Videos about gay sex on the show. There is a lot of Lesbian sex on the show but none Gay.
It took a while but I got a reply from the show today.
This is what Team Jesse said, ” Unfortunately, as much as we love Gay Men, we don’t think our subscribers would appreciate seeing man-on-man action on Playboy TV!
Furthermore we have not yet once received any gay submissions.
Hopefully one can we can launch a GAY TV network and then you can see all the amateur gay sex you like on that network.”

Amateur Gays! Oh, my!
Not a couple of dudes in the whole world who have set a cam and done it and sent it to Playboy’s Amateur Videos. What kind of world are we living in?
I wonder what would happen if a couple of dudes did? Would they get a Bill O’Reilly act or something? A stern reply from Playboy saying they should be ashamed of themselves. Or “you are beneath us!!! We do not publish faggot videos on PBTV! Just Lesbo!”

I used to belong to a website called BiCafe. I did mention Playboy TV there and I was later removed from the site due to “complaints.” One bisexual woman had mentioned a friend of hers really loved Hugh Hefner and that Hef had done great things for him. After that came the website proprietor’s statement that there had been an unprecedented number of complaints which he put at the incredible number 2. That was Michael Page. Could it have been Michael and his lover Han who filed the complaints themselves?

Well, I was kind of broke and couldn’t afford the site but I resented being thrown off. I think they resented my poverty. I was always complaining about money. You have to complain about something don’t you? I mean you would like the erotic pictures of men and men and women and women and women and men on a slideshow, but Michael couldn’t do that. Well, it doesn’t matter. I am still personna non grata at BiCafe.com. I had been a big hero there for a while writing about how I was outed sort of in Jr. High School. Maybe it was not realizing I really was being outed and not humiliated at 13.

Oh, I don’t need to go on.

There is no Gay erotic network on TV much as there is no Buddhist or Guru network on TV. The money don’t allow it.

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