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A Sweet Surprise

It comes as no surprise that nobody reads this shit but I want to tell you that I spent $100 on the Sweet Surprise and couldn’t bear it.
Maybe it’s the pig I’ve been eating or the eggs.
I couldn’t stand to listen to “respect, discipline, attention” and on and on.
Can she find no new words?
It’s funny when they would ask the meaning of Om Namah Shivaya and she would tell them it meant I bow to the self within, it left me empty. These ignoramouses who need to know the meanings of these mantras. Goswami Kriyananda says you don’t need to know the meaning of a mantra. I’m with him and if the mantra does something to you or for you it takes on its on meaning and you are saying, “it means bliss, it means happiness.”
I’m through with Mayi. Do you want my pictures? Honestly, I hate her and I hate everyone who follows her. GOODBYE, GURUMAYI. I HAVE NO RESPECT!

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