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Time and Eternity

I have a picture of my mom on my wall at my place. It makes me think of death and being. Mayi and Baba are also on my walls so they also make me think of such things.
One of the Siddhas written about in DARSHAN said, “Time and Eternity, if there is a difference the difference is in thee.” This belief in a difference is what makes us afraid of death. Death is the end of time. I guess Christianity has gone a little farther and given us the end of the world.
In verse 105 of the Guru Gita it says, “Oh, Parvati, the Guru protects one ir one is cursed by sages, snake demons, or even Gods, and also fears one from the fear of time and death.” In the next verse it goes on to say, “Surely, Gods and others are powerless, as also the sages are powerless; being cursed by the Guru they soon perish. There is no doubt of it.”
Aren’t these some powerful words of faith?
On Wanda Sykes show tonight I heard one of the stars of Harold and Kumar escape Guantanamo Bay, Neil Patrick Harris, condone profiling and then went on to talk about Muslims chanting mantras. Very few Muslims do chant mantras though they do recite names of Allah. Indeed those who recite such mantras as the Sufis do are less likely to harbor ill will toward the West.
I don’t believe in profiling simply in that it’s a kind of watered down love as Bob Dylan put it. We don’t believe in those things in America. You can’t search people just because they are Muslim any more than you can audit people just because they are Italian, as in the arrests of famous members of the Cosa Nostra as it was once known. You can’t suspect every Irish person just because of Irish Revolutionary Army. Looking suspicious is a better reason and you know the problems with that. There are many levels of looking suspicious.
A lot of us who embraced the idealism of Woodstock and find ourselves unemployed and struggling know this feeling of being suspicious. Sometimes it may have even been a game but I doubt any of us would have protested if we had been profiled for work. Sounds like affirmative action which is so unpopular. We want to give the underprivileged some work. We want them to grow and flourish as people and as a people. Profiling is a kind of reverse affirmative action, isn’t it? Except that it is just for Muslims in the case of terrorism. Of course all this was only on The Wanda Sykes Show. It was hard for her to consider given the media blitz, I guess, concerning some new terrorist threat that went undetected and airports that are not enforcing new codes, something I’ll bet their passengers appreciated, that more people than Muslims want to raise a little Hell. Remember Tim McVeigh or David Koresh? Who were those survivalists who stoke CBS’s and Chris Wallace’s camera in the mountains out west. I don’t remember them meeting the ugly fate that Koresh and his followers did.
You know those things happened in the Democratic, Clinton administration. That’s something to think about. Obama has to think about those attacks as well as the Muslim ones. I do wonder if our obsession with traditional Christianity doesn’t have something to do with the rise of Muslim terrorism. I’m not talking about Moses David but can anyone consider Jesus and John the Baptist at literate preachers of Judaism? I have read that they were and that Jesus didn’t walk on the water. My Urantia Book never made it to Steven Spielberg’s library, I guess, or touched the life of Mel Gibson.
Nor have any of the Media Moghuls ever read my Autobiography of a Yogi or Play of Consciousness or chapters of the Shrimad Bhagavatam and little Buddhism.
Ah, what’s a matter, me?
Wasn’t’ this about the Guru?

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