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Medicare won’t pay for that.

I was just watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent and a woman who is suffering from a lung problem tells her daughter Medicare won’t pay for an in home nurse. The daughter calls her mother gloomy and negative but it’s true. Medicare will pay for a nurse’s visit 3 times a week. When mom suffered a stroke at 89 I learned this. I would have paid off the credit card for a nurse the rest of the week but nobody even mentioned it. It gets me terribly blue just thinking about it because I left her in a nursing facility just because of that. The hospital really believes in letting you take care of things. They do little to help.
Mom was diagnosed as no possibility of recovery. Everyone involved in helping her to come back home was right wing. I just couldn’t handle it. It was terrible the way politics was involved in all that. Most people were impossibly pessimistic while others were coughing up the old right to life bullshit. You remember the woman whom they wanted to take off machines just a few years ago. I asked for psychological help at the hospital and the big surgeon whom I think mom despite the aphasia and all that stroke shit referred to as Beck, meaning Becker from the TV show. I didn’t get it. I thought she was aksing for Beckham or something. So, later, realizing the negativity of the doctor I saw that it was Becker the TV doctor she was talking about.
It’s too late now. I thought mom was dying and I let her.
Because of her age they were not too optimistic for her recovery. Is that a right wing battle cry? Mom’s stroke was being used for political purposes. Her death a damnation of left wing philosophy. However if left wing philsophy was more prevalent mom would have had an in home nurse and I would have had more friendly support.

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